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Product Recall

Target Classes

  • Pet Foods and Toys/Accessories
  • Cannabis and CBD Products
  • Sports and Recreation Products
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Food and Beverage Products
  • Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco

Additional Highlights

  • $5M capacity on a primary basis
  • Minimum premiums as low as $1,000 for limits of $250k and under
  • 95{524b93f92eb1f62bac15dcba04106ad02e71259ed74319560f4ec3713ae6791e} quote ratio

Product recall received a submission for a manufacturer of treat bags for dogs (pet accessories). They had a contract in place with a national wholesaler requiring product recall coverage. The account was quoted the same day as submission with a $1M limit and $5M limit options. When it was time to get the contract into place, the broker had both options ready for the insured to make a decision with.

Product Recall responds to 84{524b93f92eb1f62bac15dcba04106ad02e71259ed74319560f4ec3713ae6791e} of submissions within 48 hours.


New Products

  • Equestrian Liability with both General Liability Equine Professional Services Liability
    • Trail Riding Guides
    • Dude Ranches
    • Horseback Riding Lessons
    • Stables with Horse Boarding
  • Firearms Liability with both General Liability and Firearm Services Liability
    • Retail Firearms Stores with Training/Classes
    • Shooting Ranges
    • Gun Clubs
    • Tactical/LEO and Civilian Firearm Training

Target Classes

  • Axe Throwing
  • Rage Rooms
  • ATV Parks/UTV Rentals/Race Tracks
  • Campgrounds/RV Parks
  • Jet Ski Rental
  • Special Events

The Entertainment division received a submission from a Georgia-based trail riding outpost with $150k in sales. The account was bound shortly after. The division also received a submission from a California-based Equestrian Center. The submission was received and quoted the next day!

Entertainment responds to 67{524b93f92eb1f62bac15dcba04106ad02e71259ed74319560f4ec3713ae6791e} of submissions within 48 hours.


Target Classes

  • Aircraft Repair Stations
  • Aircraft Cleaning/Detailing to include mobile operations
  • Aircraft Product Manufacturers and Distributors to include powerplant and related components
  • Drone Operators
  • Runway Construction

Aviation received a submission from a sales and distributor of fire extinguishers and related mounting accessories for aircrafts with $4M in sales. The team was able to provide $2mm/$2M limits including products and completed operations at a $16k premium with a schedule factor with risk transfer in place with the manufacturer.

The aviation team also received a submission from a pavement marketing and striping contractor with $450k in sales. Their previous insurance coverage was non-renewing due to runway work despite no loss history. Kinsale was able to provide $1M/$2M General Liability coverage without a runway exclusion for $11 rate and $5k premium.

Small Property


Non-Dealer’s Garage Liability

Target Classes (included, but not limited to)

  • General Automotive Repair/Service Garages
  • Body Shops
  • Full Service Gas Stations
  • Automotive Oil Changes and Lubrication Shops
  • Full Service Car Wash and Car Detailing
  • Automotive Glass Replacement and Glass Tinting
  • Parking and Storage Garages
  • Valet Parking on Insured’s Premises


  • Can be afforded on a legal liability, direct excess, or direct primary
  • Maximum limits will typically be 50k per Auto with 300k Lot Limit