Small Business

The Kinsale Small Business Division concentrates on smaller risks with an emphasis on contractors and OL&T/premises related exposures. We offer our Brokers an alternative to their traditional binding authority markets by providing rapid turnaround time and a broader risk appetite than those markets. Submissions are generally reviewed and quoted within four hours. We define a small risk as having revenue under $2,500,000, apartments less than 200 units, area under 100,000 square feet, buildings less than 200,000 square feet and vacant land less than 1,500 acres. A business that does not fit our Small Business Casualty definition is sent the same day to the appropriate Kinsale underwriting division.

Target Classes:

Contractors (General Contractors and Artisan Trade Contractors):

  • Primary classes written include Carpentry, Concrete, Demolition, Dry Wall, Electricians, Excavation/Grading of Land, HVAC, Metal Erection, Painting, Plastering/EIFS/Stucco, Swimming Pool Installation and Truckers. Many other classes also considered.

EXCEPTIONS: Equipment Rental, Fireplace Installation, Fire Suppression and Horizontal Boring. Premium Range: $1,550 to $15,000. Premises Operations (OL&T):

  • Nearly 200 classes eligible: Primary classes include: Apartments, Condo Owners Associations, Consultants, Hotels, LRO, Mobile Home Parks, Parking, facilities/events, clubs, habitational, hotel/motel, Office Premises, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Real Estate Development Property, Vacant Buildings and Land.

EXCEPTIONS: Fraternity Housing, Inflatables, Property Managers and Staffing Firms. Premium Range: $800 to $7,500.

Policy Structure:

  • 10,000,000 Excess Capacity available through Kinsale Excess Casualty Division;
  • Commercial General Liability;
  • Owners Contractors Protective Liability;
  • ISO Occurrence Coverage Form;
  • Deductibles $0 to $5,000.

Submission Requirements:

  • ACORD Commercial Liability Insurance Application and General Liability Application;
  • Supplemental Application, where appropriate;
  • Loss History. Five Years of Hard Copy Loss Runs;
  • Website Information.