Environmental – Site Pollution

Product Divisions and Target Classes

Allied Health & Health Care

  • Individual practitioners performing evaluations
  • Medical marijuana evaluation clinics
  • Pharmacies/pharmacists dispensing medical marijuana


  • Dispensaries
  • Edibles/oil manufacturers
  • Growers
  • Hospitality businesses (bakeries, coffee/cannabis shops, conventions, et al.)
  • LRO properties
  • Processors
  • Rolling paper manufacturers
  • Security firms serving cannabis businesses
  • Vaporizers and other smoking devices/accessories

Life Sciences

  • Analytical laboratories
  • CBD, cannabidiol – topical products only
  • Hemp – dietary supplements

Management Liability (D&O and EPL)

  • Cultivation
  • Dispensaries
  • Product manufacturers and others
  • Retail stores

Professional Liability

  • Compliance, licensing, and business consulting
  • Specialized professionals: accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, etc.
  • Staffing and employment services

Kinsale offers location specific site pollution – also known as Pollution Legal Liability (PLL)) for a variety of classes with minimum premium starting at $1,500.
Coverage is claims-made and reported for on and off-site pollution.
Options available for both new and pre-existing conditions.

We also consider cannabis related accounts, as many states begin requiring site pollution for cannabis dispensaries, grows, and processing facilities. 

  • Offices
  • Environmental laboratories
  • Restaurants
  • Electronics recycling centers
Dry cleaner specific option available starting at $2,500.
  • Coverage is machine, solvent and location specific
  • Most solvents are considered
  • Covers onsite cleanup and third party BI/PD
  • Machine installation date cutoff is 2006 (exceptions can be made for clean site assessments and particular solvents)