Commercial Property

The Kinsale Property Division provides coverage for a wide variety of occupancies throughout the United States. We offer creative and practical solutions for your difficult to place Excess & Surplus lines property. We can consider All Risk, DIC, Single Peril, Deductible buy-backs and Equipment Breakdown coverages on a ground-up, primary or excess basis.

Target Classes:

  • Cannabis Related Industries;
  • Entertainment;
  • Excess Habitational – Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities, Condos;
  • Food & Drug Manufacturing;
  • Hotels & Motels;
  • LRO Commercial/Industrial;
  • Manufacturing (Light to Moderate Hazard);
  • Marijuana Industry;
  • Municipalities/Government Buildings;
  • Personal Repair Services;
  • Professional/Office Buildings;
  • Real Estate Schedules;
  • Vacant Buildings;
  • Warehousing/Wholesale.


Excluded Classes:

  • Agriculture Growing Crops, Timber;
  • Foundries;
  • Manufactured Housing;
  • Oil & Gas, Ocean Marine, Paper Mills, Petrochemical;
  • Radio, Television, Cell Towers;
  • Risk Purchasing Groups;
  • Rolling Stock;
  • Tire Rethreading.


Cannabis Appetite:

  • Ancillary Products, Vape, and Paraphernalia;
  • CBD, Dispensaries, Extraction/Processors, Growers;
  • Laboratories;
  • Lessor’s Risk;
  • Manufacturers: Drink, Food, and Medical;
  • Marijuana;
  • Processors;
  • Retail Stores;
  • Primary, Ground-Up or Excess limits up to $10M;
  • Can cover finished stock, harvested plant material, goods in process.

Submission Requirements:

  • Broker Specifications (Word Format);
    • Eff. Date;
    • Description of Occupancy(s), Protection;
    • Requested Coverage & Perils;
    • Suggested Layering, if applicable;
    • Statement of Values (Excel Format);
    • Five Year Loss Summary with a Description provided for Large Losses over $25,000.


Ground-up: Capacity to $10,000,000. We target small-to-medium size risks for a variety of occupancies. The majority of our ground-up business has between one and twenty locations.

Primary: Capacity to $10,000,000 including all catastrophe perils. We target small-to-medium size risks for a variety of occupancies. The majority of our primary business has between one and twenty locations up to $35M in Total Insured Value.

Excess: Capacity up to $10,000,000. We can write in or out of the PML, Buffer and Capacity layers. Our appetite is for medium and larger risks up to $500 million in Total Insured Value.

Catastrophe Appetite:

Wind:  All Risks, DIC, Single peril capacity available in all catastrophe areas.  We avoid Frame/Joisted Masonry 0-3 miles to coastal water.

Flood: DIC, Single peril or include with All Risks perils.  Prefer Excess in and out of PML and smaller schedules.  No primary stand-alone coastal flood or major state river exposures.

Earthquake:  DIC, Single peril or include with All Risks perils.  Capacity available in all zones PNW, New Madrid, and Oklahoma.  We avoid unreinforced masonry, tuck under or soft story and soil.